In observance of Hepatitis Awareness Month, I am posting to this blog daily, highlighting websites and organizations that are doing remarkable work educating the public, raising awareness, and making a difference in the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis. I suggest you visit each site, and find out what they are doing, how you can stay informed, and possibly help with their efforts.

Long Riders is proof that you can raise awareness about hepatitis C while having fun. Their goal is: “To create a social media program that will document the challenges of a hepatitis C survivor’s equestrian ride of the entire 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail in order to educate, inspire and empower those who are suffering from hepatitis C to get tested, treated and cured.​”

The ride is scheduled for next spring. This is no small feat. It will be undertaken by 3 not-very-young men with a dream. I know Vic Ferrari and Frank Collison, and they are very cool guys. If anyone can do this, it will be them. Plus, this will be a community event in that I am sure that all of us will be following these guys on their ride. In the meantime explore their site, get involved,  and donate some money.

Follow the Long Riders on Twitter @LongRidersHepC