In observance of Hepatitis Awareness Month, I am posting to this blog daily, highlighting websites and organizations that are doing remarkable work educating the public, raising awareness, and making a difference in the lives of those affected by viral hepatitis. I suggest you visit each site, and find out what they are doing, how you can stay informed, and possibly help with their efforts.

Hepatitis C New Drug Research and Liver Health is not an organization; it is a website. Not only that, the site is conducted semi-anonymously. Here’s what the site owner says about herself, “I am a woman who “had” hepatitis C with children who lost their father to this disease. I was 43 when diagnosed and went on to treat the virus successfully in 2000. (Intron A/Riba)…I’m also now a grandmother who can’t wait to show my grandson that bubble gum can be chewed the next morning if placed firmly on Buzz Lightyear’s face, with a reminder to close his face shield of course.”

Here’s how she describes the site, “The goal of this website is to keep you current on the potential arrival of new improved drugs to treat HCV by using published data, along with a collection of the latest medical news, clinical trial information, videos/podcasts and reports from recent conferences.”

She succeeds in her goal. This site is packed with information and I check it daily. 

The reason why I am including Hepatitis C New Drug Research and Liver Health in my month of websites and organizations, is because this is an example of what one person can do. She isn’t operating a funded organization, nor is looking for notoriety. This site is a labor of love and she deserves KUDOS.

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