If you are Australian, you have automatically answered - “So much serenity!”. It’s an oft-repeated quote from a great little Australian movie The Castle. The reason for the title will become clear as you read on.

I had my Week 6 results come back today. Because of my crazy bilirubin levels, especially in Week 2, The team are doing blood tests every two weeks to make sure things are tracking well. All in all, all things considered, everything is going along as well as can be expected.

My ALT and AST continue to drop: ALT has dropped to 22 from 30 in Week 4. AST has dropped again too. It’s now 33, a drop from Week 4’s 36. Both these numbers were WAY over 100 at the start of treatment.

My GGT is sitting at 43, a drop from Week 4’s 54 and a treatment start number of 100.

Bilirubin is still falling. It’s currently 50, but was as high as 152 in Week 2.

Haemoglobin is making teeny tiny movements upwards. It’s currently 117 but was as low as 113.

Everything else is heading in the direction it should, except my blood glucose but that’ll be a story for another day.  

So good news with these results. Last time I got good results though, my Week 4 VL had only dropped by 5 from 45 to 40, so that made me slightly panicky. I’m going to try and take the line that any reduction is a good one, though and heck - I still have 18 weeks on this darned program! Hopefully that will give me some serenity.

The other reason for the title is that I am currently working three days a week. I’ve worked two days, they’ve both been very good and very productive and I have tomorrow off. The sigh of relief as I walked away from work this afternoon was so loud I’m surprised you didn’t hear it wherever you live in the world! It gave me a great feeling of - yes - serenity! I knew I wasn’t going to burn the candle at both ends, I wasn’t going to have to push myself and I finished the two days on a good note. I have a day’s break, then back for one more day. I think I have hit the sweet spot in terms of work/health balance for now. 


It’s a powerful feeling and one I am going to strive for more often.


(There’s a little nod to the Firefly fans. I was heartbroken it only ran to one series too.)