6th December 2015
Well it has been an interesting couple of weeks with a steady flow of people from all around the world coming to Hobart to pick up their Hep C meds.
This week I met up with two guys from the USA and a lady from Ireland. They all decided to combine the medicine collection with a week or two of Tasmanian holiday time. 
Tasmania is a great place to start treatment, lots of fresh air and open spaces. One guy hired a little van and is driving around and doing wilderness walks. Another lady is staying in a self contained Teepee up in the mountains and will spend her second day of treatment doing a tour of one of Tasmania’s great limestone cave systems.
They have all come to Australia because their own governments have abandoned them, have blocked their access to the medicines that would save them, would cure them. So they have come to Australia, to Tasmania to get their cure and start a new life free from the curse of Hepatitis C.
And so it is that Tasmania leads the world in providing people with access to affordable medicines. Every day we help people from all corners of the Earth to access affordable Hep C meds.
If people can not afford to come to Australia then we give them information and contacts for getting the meds from Bangladesh or India or China. Information of reliable suppliers of genuine medicines.
And every day more people are coming back to us with news that they have reached “ NO Virus Detected” stage in 2 or 4 or 6 weeks.
This is no longer one or two people each day, it is 50 or 60 each day and soon it will be hundreds each day.
So despite the efforts of Big Pharma to hold us to ransom we are getting the medicines and getting the cure.
Here is a link to a news story Dr Freeman and I did today: The Hobart Buyers’ Club