4th December 2015
After my little self righteous burst indignation I am pleased to be able to share some more good news.
The Liver Clinic at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney will now monitor patients who are having their Hepatitis C treated with Indian generics.
This is a big breakthrough as it is one of the three most important liver clinics in Australia. 
The weight of numbers and the undeniable results being achieved every day, all around the world, are making a big difference and the status quo is changing. I predict by this time next year every person in Australia with Hepatitis C who wants to get their Hep C cured will have access to affordable treatment.
Dare we dream that in a few years Australia will be the first country on Earth to defeat Hep C on a national level. It is possible.
This leads to the topic of the USA and Canada. 
Everyday now more and more people from the USA and Canada are flying to Australia to access affordable Hep C medication. They are flying here because their own governments are blocking their access to treatment. They are flying here for the cure, flying home with the cure and getting cured.
Every day now we get news of someone in the USA reaching no virus detected phase.. usually after only 4 or 6 weeks of treatment.
But wait there’s more!
We are organising shipments of generic Hep C meds from India, we are doing it legally and we are getting scrutinized by the FDA and we are getting through. So far every parcel of generic Hep C medicine we helped organize for the USA has made it to the patient.
Sometimes it takes a small battle with the FDA. Sometimes some pleading. But we give patients 100% support in every way we can and, so far, every shipment has got through.
Maybe over the next few months the FDA will start to change its attitude too. Maybe it will get easier and easier to send generic Hep C meds to the US by mail order?
We hope so.
If you want more info on accessing affordable generic Hep C meds from reliable sources please feel free to email me. I am happy to give contact details and other information for free.