Virtuous and Willing Hep C Helpers
The last few days have been very happy ones for me as I travelled across Britain, from Wales to East Anglia, meeting with various people who have been helping me to get Hepatitis C treatments to people across Europe over the last several years. These are the Hepatitis C Helpers.

Blocking Access to Hepatitis C Treatment
The reason for this is that in many European countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Ireland and France the government health services “technically” provide Hepatitis C treatment for free to citizens however in most of these countries access to treatment is triaged, meaning you may need a fibrosis level of F2 or F3 or F4 to access treatment. For many people this means that they would have to wait years waiting for the Hep C virus to do enough damage to their liver to enable them to access treatment.
Some people are prepared to wait for the government to give them free treatment, even if the cost is more liver damage, other people do not wish to wait and these are the people who seek generic Hepatitis C treatment. It is these people who contact me.
However, in the countries mentioned above the governments aggressively prevent their citizens from importing generic Hepatitis C medication. This is where the helpers step in.

The Back Door Route
These good people will allow their address in the UK to be used as a forwarding address for people in Europe needing to get Hepatitis C medication.
So, for example if a person living in Belgium contacts me needing generic Harvoni. I organise the generic Harvoni to be sent to one of my helpers in the UK and then the person in Belgium gets a plane over to the UK, visits the helper and picks up their medicine goes back home and begins treatment.
This process happens at least once every week resulting in hundreds of people being cured of Hepatitis C who would otherwise be waiting in a long queue as the Hep C virus quietly destroyed their liver.
These virtuous and brave helpers are all people who once had Hepatitis C themselves and who were cured by using generic Hep C meds. I guess they are a special demographic. People who think outside the box, people who are proactive and who are prepared to take responsibility for their own health and take control of their lives. They are trail blazers and they are compassionate.

No Expectation of Reward
They do this for no money, no recognition; they do it simply to help others with no expectation of any reward. They put into practice that basic Christian precept of: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
Compare these people with the people who are trying to block access to generic treatment. The employees and pawns of Big Pharma who use social media to actively censor and spread misinformation about Hepatitis C treatment options.

Truth vs Falsehood
One groups helps, the other hinders. One group promotes truth and hope, the other group promotes fear and falsehood.
Over these last few days it has been a great privilege for me to meet these good and virtuous people, to shake their hands and look into their eyes.

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