geese2.jpgThe geese of New England are currently migrating, honking through the sky on their miraculous journey south for the winter.

If you’re like me, you drop what you’re doing when they pass, watching in wonder and listening to their ongoing sounds. They are together in small bands, in V shaped formation. I get a sense of them sounding off from the back of the pack, offering encouragement and reminders for the leaders. 
Some wander from the formation, only to realize that it is tough going alone, without receiving the uplifting of air resistance and riding the draft.  
Bikers know this too.  When I was racing, we’d train hard by swapping the lead and holding the speed.  The geese, and bikers, could never make their best time and be so efficient alone. 
Have you ever, due to hepatitis, liver disease and massive life changes, turned from the support and help that is available?  Like the wayfaring lone goose, we find it tough going, and if we can learn from the geese, or lead biker, who fall quickly back into formation, we see the need for the help of those who offer it.  Hepatitis C is a load, and to lighten the load and feel better we all need help.
Do you need some help right now?  You can get to a better place.  Personally, I started feeling much better as the ribavirin flushed out of my system, followed by my finishing Harvoni two weeks ago.  The physicality I wanted steadily came back, and I am working out in the garden, and hiking with a pace again. I used strategies like nutrition, exercise as tolerated, and heart/spirit connecting actions to help me heal. I will be writing about each of these strategies for the next few weeks. But first, ask for help, from wherever it’s offered.  Learn, love, and change what you can.  
I would love to help, as would trusted friends, partners, spiritual leaders, and therapists, all of whom want to help you find a way to live more peacefully and to self-heal.  You just have to reach out.
Anything is Possible.
Matt Starr
Health and Life Coach, CPCC