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Do you have hepatitis C? Maybe, like me, you’ve had it for decades. Do you think that the virus is not its own burden? Do you assume that cirrhosis of the liver is what keeps you low? 
I sure did, thinking that hepatitis C wasn’t linked to my physical difficulties, that it was more related to my damaged liver. No doubt, cirrhosis is the major long-term player here. However, I have been surprised by the renewed vigor I feel after recently completing a 6-month treatment of ribavirin and Harvoni, designed to knock hepatitis out of my system. The ribavirin ended 7 weeks ago, giving my red blood cells time to recover, and it appears that the hepatitis is finally gone. I finished Harvoni this week.
Three months from now, if all stays the same, I will be medically cleared. I’m waiting for that news, but I’m feeling so much stronger and grateful right now that I’m not even worried.
It’s been a haul, to say the least.  As I said to my wife last night in bed, “It’s great to feel like an energetic, vibrant person again”.
What about you?  Do you want to feel like a vibrant person again?  Are you ready to take steps using strategies I can talk with you about  to find a new level of energy and health? 
Hepatitis C appears to be gone. I have found a surprising surge of physical power, which I attribute both to these new meds and my dedication to alternative practices and treatments for liver health, and enhancing the efficacy of western meds. As much as anything, the actions I took helped me feel that I was doing something to change my life beyond taking ribavirin and Harvoni.
At the very least, positive actions and dedication to self-healing bring inner peace.  Are you ready to dedicate yourself to contributing to your healing?  This virus does not automatically rule you. So don’t feel as if it is going to defeat you.
Remember, with your involvement in your healing...Anything is Possible.
Matt Starr, CPCC
CTI Health and Personal Life Coach