I was going to save this post until I had real pathology numbers to share but the scanner at the clinic is on the fritz so they couldn’t be emailed to me.

I travelled to Sydney (yes, the one in Australia) yesterday to see my specialist. This is the first time I have seen him since I started treatment for hepatitis C with Viekira Pak. Frankly there hasn’t been a need. The Clinical Nurse Consultant (CNC) is in constant touch with both of us and is a great communication facilitator. I have never once felt that my treatment needs were not paramount during my contact with them.

It didn’t take long - he was curious to know about side effects, was really happy with my pathology results and said it seemed to be going well. He smiled a lot and so did I. I told him how lucky I felt to be able to access the compassionate access scheme. I see him again in 12 weeks at End of Treatment (EOT).

The only number I do have from yesterday’s tests is my haemoglobin. It’s dropped again from 112 to 109, but interestingly I feel better than I did when it hit 112. Perhaps I’ve learned to adapt to steady state anaemia. I’m doing as much - walking the dog, shovelling manure, spreading hay, looking after the animals (horses, chickens, dogs and cats), working 3 days a week - but I feel better than I did weeks ago with better hb numbers.


I’m sure there will be weird numbers in there. It’s me, after all! What would my treatment be if it
 didn’t provide entertainment for us all?

Apart from that it rained a lot, my boots got really wet, my flight home was delayed by nearly an hour and I bought a copy of Mike Mulligan And His Steam Shovel because I love it.