8th June 2015
Well it’s 1 a.m. and I’m having a dose of the old insomnia. I find the worst thing is to lay in bed and try and get to sleep when it just is not going to happen; so here I am up typing some of the things that were rolling around in my head as the clock struck midnight.
Buying Harvoni in India
Because for a lot of folk, Harvoni represents the best chance for a complete cure from Hepatitis C, particularly for genotype 1, I have been researching its likely availability in India.
My information, (from several reliable sources in India) is that Gilead has licensed Mylan to manufacture Harvoni in India and Mylan has applied for approval from the relevant Indian authorities. I have been advised that this approval should be granted within the next six months. So some time before Christmas.
So it is very strange that a number of Indian online pharmacies and other suppliers are claiming that they can already supply Harvoni to customers. Because it has not yet been approved in India so how can they be selling it?
Once more a reminder to be very cautious when buying medicines over the Internet.