9th December 2015
A follow up to the above email sheds further light on the general greed and evil nature of Big Pharma. Here is AbbVie a huge multi-national drug company making all sorts of promises to sick people that their Hep C drugs will cure this man’s Hepatitis C. On the basis of these promises this man borrows a huge sum of money from the bank and buys the AbbVie treatment. When the treatment fails he is given the brush off. And of course they keep his money even though their product did not perform as promised. Companies like AbbVie and Gilead are ghouls feeding of the ill fortunes of others, worse than parasites. The people who work for them, who assist them in their foul practices are complicit in the same evil.
From the email:
As we live in the world where all is based on money I’am not in best situation.
Yesterday spoke with local office of AbbVie about refund they refused me. They asked me to provide evidence that I did all the pills according to treatment guidelines. How can I do that, have no idea. I felt that they found very quick reason to get rid of me.
One friend told,me that I can hire lawyer for this and try to go to court, as they promise 100% cure rate for genotype 4. But court would take years and I can’t afford lawyer. 
Finally the Indian Generic Harvoni Price
Well it has been a long wait but today I received the official prices for generic Harvoni being shipped out of India. 
The good news is that it will be a little cheaper than expected with price varying between US$1,300 and US$1,500 for a 12 week treatment, depending on the supplier and shipper.
So if you are ordering generic Harvoni from India the absolute maximum you should be paying is US$1,500 including shipping and all other costs.