As I have mentioned in other parts of this blog one of the services that I happily provide for free is to give people contact details for honest and reliable suppliers of Hep C generics around the world. There are good contacts for Hep C generics in India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Australia and also now Honduras. So for many people, those who live in countries where mail order importation if difficult or prohibited, flying to another country to buy their generic Hep C treatment is the best of options.
So I recommend people in what country is best, suppliers who are trustworthy.

I only recommend people that I have had multiple good reports on from impartial people. If I get even one bad report then I cease to recommend them.

I do not ask for, or receive, any commissions or any other benefit of any kind from recommending these people. My only, and best, reward is knowing that people are going to buy genuine generic Hepatitis C medicines from honest and reliable people.

Here is another story from someone who just returned from getting generic Harvoni in Mumbai, India. He flew from Mexico to India.
Hi Greg,

My wife Claudia sent you a FB inbox about my experience traveling to India and purchased generic Harvoni there. First of all thank you for all your support on my trip, It took gutts to fly sick, and alone to an unknown country and purchased meds from an unknown person. Here’s my story:

I chose to buy meds from Nirav, who you recommended, based on Mumbai. He also requested me all my lab tests and medical prescription translated to English to be able to get an Indian Hepatologist prescription to buy Hepcvir-L. He has the policy to sell meds the “legal way” in order to avoid drug traffic.

From the 4 brands of generic Harvoni available in India he suggested me to buy Cipla’s Hepcvir-L as Cipla is ranked at top 5 of pharmaceuticals in India. So I asked him that if he would have HCV which brand would he take? and he picked Hepcvir-L as he said it has the best quality.

I spent only 3 days in Mumbai, Nirav delivered me 3 bottles of treament at my hotel room and also offered me a city tour of Mumbai which I gladly accepted! Nirav is a gentlemen and a very kind person. He also was very supportive and was pending of my trip from and back at all time, even more pending that my family!

I decided to carry on my meds with me on my hand luggage and crossed 4 security check points and 4 customs (India, Turkey, USA and Mexico) and had not a single trouble. No one asked me anything about the 3 bottles of tablets. In case of trouble I had prescriptions in english and spanish to prove they were for personal use.

Once in Mexico I took the meds before my hepatologist who is the head of liver transplant unit in Mexico’s National Institute of Medical Sciences and he said I am the first Mexican to take generic Harvoni and after only 2 weeks of taking 1 pill a day my viral load went from 3.2 million units to less than 18 units of HCV. So generic med efficacy is un believeable!  My doctor and his team are very excited and hopeful that generics are working same as the original so now I’m a success case of study in Mexico. I can share with you my viral load tests if you wish.

Same as you, I will open a profile on Facebook about Generic Hep C meds targeted to Mexico to help all people who is in the same case as me. Nirav has also shared my results with other patients that had purchased meds from him to give them confidence.

It would be great if you can post my experience on your FB page to encourage people to take generic harvoni and get cured as I did, because I feel that all every body is scared with the idea to fly to India and buy meds there!

Once again thank you being an encouraging element on my decision to go to India!

Best regards!