As you have read in the preceeding stories travelling either to India or Bangladesh or Australia or Thailand to get generic Hep C medicines is a good option for some people and I happily provide free advice on travelling to these countries, who to buy from and, if you want to have medical treatment or supervision I can provide information of good hospitals and doctors.
However for a lot of people it is too expensive or they are unable to travel due to poor health or some other reason. In these cases having the medicine shipped by courier or by mail is the best option. I get many enquiries from many different countries around the world every day and so for this reason, over the last nine months, I have investigated the importation rules of most countries on the Earth.
I do know which countries allow residents to import medicines for personal use and which prohibit this importation. I also know which countries have slightly vague or contradictory rules about personal importation.
I can say that I have been able to assist many people from many different countries to import life saving generic Hepatitis medicines without actually breaking any laws.
To do this in some countries we have had to find loop holes in their rules and in other countries we have used “back door” routes. I have done my best to get medicines to the people who need them without breaking any laws but the truth is if a person was dying and I had the medicines that would save their life I would happly break some stupid law to get that medicine to them.
Here I will list the countries that it is possible to ship generic medicines to; I will include some comments on each country.
It is legal and easy to ship generic Hep C medicines to Australia however the treatment is now available through the health system so for most people it is not necessary.
Canada allows mail order / courier importation of generic medicines only if it is done by a doctor or pharmacist. If you have a supportive doctor or pharmacist it is no problem to import generic Hepatitis C medicines into Canada.
Britain has the best rules in the world for importing medicine for personal use. Unfortunately the British Medical Association appears to be totally in the pocket of Big Pharma so it is difficult to get a prescription from a UK doctor because most British doctors are cowards.
However the good news is that, under British law, you do not require a prescription from a cowardly UK doctor to import generic Hep C treatment into the UK. Any recent medical report will suffice and that makes it easy and cheap to import generic Hep C meds into the UK. We regularly send shipments to the UK.
The USA is a strange situation where the FDA has discretion about whether or not to allow a person to access generic medicines. In other words the FDA decides who will live and who will die.
Like the UK Big Pharma has the US medical profession by the balls and it is difficult, but not impossible, to find a doctor to write a prescription in the USA. That said it is definitely easier to find a caring and couragous doctor in the USA than in the UK. We regularly send shipments to the USA and have had no problems.

There is no problem at all importing Hep C meds into Romania. A Romanian resident simply needs a Romanian doctor’s prescription and to pay the import tax on receiving their medicines. We regularly send shipments to Romania.
There is no problem at all importing Hep C meds into Lithuania. A Lithuanian resident simply needs a their doctor’s prescription and to pay the import tax on receiving their medicines. We regularly send shipments to Lithuania.
There is a stipulation in Latvian law that prohibits importation of generics from places like India and Bangladesh but allows importation from Australia so if you are in Latvia you would need to import Australian generic Hep C meds. In the case of Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir this combination is actually cheaper in Australia than in India. In the case of generic Harvoni it is about $400 more expensive.
It is possible to import generic Hep C meds in Slovakia and I have assisted a number of people to do this. It requires a local doctor’s prescription.
It is more difficult to import into Slovinia but can be done with a local doctor’s prescription
There are no problems importing generic Hep C medicines into Greece. A local doctor’s prescription is desirable but not essential. The main problem for Greeks is the issue of sending money over seas as there is a limit of $500 per month.
Like many countries a local doctor’s prescription is preferred but not essential to import generic medicines into Bulgaria.
It is not possible to import generic Hep C medicines into Serbia
New Zealand
New Zealand has about the same rules for importing generic Hep C medicines as Australia and we organise shipments to New Zealand regularly.
It is preferable to have a prescription from a Chinese Doctor if you want to get generic Hep C medicines into China or Hong Kong however we can organise shipments to China without a prescription and do so regularly.
As with China it is preferable to have a local doctor’s prescription however Big Pharma, particuarly Gilead, has put a lot of pressure on Taiwanese doctors. So we can organise shipment without a local presciption and do so several times every month.
There are not problems sending generic meds to Cambodia
There are no problems sending to Indonesia but a local doctor’s prescription is required
There is no problem sending to the Ukraine but it requires a doctor’s prescription and then permission from the Ministry or Health. This process usually takes about 3 weeks.
South Africa
Like Ukraine a prescription and permission is required. There is a form called a “Section 20” this will give you permission to bring in the generic Harvoni or Daclatasvir. It will also take about 3 or 4 weeks to process.
The rest of Africa
There are no problems with sending generics to most African countries and they are generally available there already because the Bangladesh maker of Twinvir, Incepta, is already distributing through most African countries.
Saudi Arabia
A doctor’s prescription is required
It is not legal to import generic Hep C meds into Ireland by mail order or courier however it is legal to import them on one’s person. As most Irish people have friends or relatives in the UK then the best option is to go to the UK for a week or so and have the meds sent to the address where you are staying and take them home to Ireland. All totally legal.
Rules vary from country to country. As with the USA and the UK Big Pharm has a lot of influence and control over the medical professions in the countries of “Old Europe” that is the parts of Europe that were not part of the Soviet Union.
So countries like France, Germany, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and so on have restrictive rules against importing medicines for personal use. Most allow their citizens to bring medicines back home if they have been abroad so the best solution for people in these countries is to simply go to the UK and stay in a hotel or B&B or with a friend for a week and get the medicines sent to them in the UK and then head home.
It is cheaper and easier than flying to India.
South America
There a some major differences between various South American countries.
The countries where there are favourable importation rules are:
I have helped people from all the above countries import generic Hep C treatment with no problems. However all require a local doctor’s prescription.
For people in Argentina then they must travel to another country
For the people of Chile it is possible to import but requires Health department permission.