Treasure.  Nuggets of gold that shine so brightly they can change our lives for the better. This is what I want to share with my readers. But better yet, I want to share how to find a passion for nuggets.

Mr. Fix-It’s brother talked about how he tries to look at each situation in his life by this method. He told the story of a miner who was panning for gold, he did a lot of digging and then took his pan over to the water, carefully and with a keen attentive eye he would wash and sift through the dirt until there was nothing left but shiny nuggets of gold. 

These nuggets could be bits of wisdom, knowledge, practical advice, or a good lesson from a situation in life. He said, if you look and listen closely you could learn something and glean nuggets from everything you encounter each day. 

I found this theory to be fascinating and spot on target. I dubbed this the “Nugget Theory.” I started applying this theory to my life and amazing things started to happen. I began looking at each day through a completely new lens. I found joy and life lessons everywhere. I saw God’s fingerprints in ways I never did before. It was as if I had put on special eyeglasses.

I appreciate vision so much because mine has always been compromised. I was born with my left eye crossed. I was diagnosed early on with strabismus and amblyopia.  When I was 2 years old, I had my first of two eye surgeries to correct the problem. My vision was so bad, my parents were told without surgery, special glasses and long enduring eye exercises I would never be able to see properly and read. Thus began my journey to corrective eyesight.

Our son was born with the same exact problem. After several surgeries and very thick lenses he had to wear, he once remarked to me he saw objects he never noticed before.  That’s how the Nugget Theory works. 

Looking for Nuggets has totally changed how I read a book. No joke. These are the tools I use to look for Nuggets when I’m reading:

  • Book
  • Highlight marker (I like to use different colors)
  • Book tabs
  • Pen
  • Multi color 3×5 index cards

I practiced over time to be a fast reader, but in truth, I like to savor a book. I read small sections every day, this way I ponder and absorb more of what I’m reading. If it’s something I need to get through fast I can, but I have greater enjoyment when I take my time. As I’m reading, I am mentally looking for rich information to jump off the page at me and as I come to one it shines like a gold nugget. I normally get all excited, “oooooh, there’s one” and pounce on it! I draw my trusty ’nugget finder-highlight marker’ like a sword, highlighting the text.

I also use my pen to make a star and write Nugget out beside the highlighted text. Sometimes I write notes in the permission.