After 25 weeks, most of which were immune to the expected side effects, the last few weeks have been much more challenging. The five weeks of remaining calendar time marks the end. Halleluiah!
I accepted an after school teaching position last month, after three years away from classroom teaching.  About the same time I accepted the job, the walls started to crumble. Bad timing in some ways, but there is all that time after the (hopefully successful) meds to look forward to.
“5 weeks? C’mon. You own this,” my mind tells me. I know that using strategies like yoga, light exercise (especially in the woods), eating more greens and fresh vegetables, chakra meditation, longer sleeps, and more, have kept my positive attitude intact, and up until recently have kept side effects like fatigue at bay.
However, the mind that tells me I’m in control, is currently bumping up against one increasing reality - I’m flat out pooped now for much of the day. But that will not take me down. There’s too much to live for - too much to love. That’s where I focus my third eye, on seeing and opening to all that is without the shadows of culture, society, and my life’s experience  and learned limitations.
But, it’s not easy sometimes to stay positive as effects of meds and liver disease compromise you. Many of us can probably relate. I’m naturally optimistic, but have taken some wicked shots to my core. I’m still standing though, and plan to stay that way for a long time. I’m not done yet loving this life, even with the changes.  
And, all this hard work, even with the recent difficulties, has brought me back to my passion of early childhood, creative education.
Can you insist on healing from the inside out? Give it your best effort. It’s worth it. Something great just might happen.