It comes up now and then, the feeling of sluggishness and a downward slide as I move through the last third of a 24-week Harvoni and ribavirin treatment period. Monday was one of those days. Only 10 weeks remain, but that seems longer than it should.


Then, Tuesday morning, my voice mail held a call from a unique after school program that I had met with. I knew what that call meant. This school, based on creative curriculum that included gardening, dance, music, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, cooperative communities, storytelling, and other things that I had done in the past with little support, was going to offer me the teaching job I had interviewed for.
I was lifted up immediately by this news. I was also feeling good because I had just committed to a program with a veteran business coach to bring more vibrancy and clients to my business. This program would cost me some money, and take a good bit of work over the course of the 6-month program. It is a good investment in me as I learn to market my offerings more effectively.
So, I went from writing and working with a small client base to returning to working with young children and learning to bring light to my work with hepatitis C and liver disease patients, and to get paid for those services.
I am invigorated again, and taking on much more than I had on my plate. Suddenly, I am busier, but with things I care about, and I still have time for other solid self-healing practices, like moderate exercise, good nutrition, gardening, dog walks in the forest, yoga, meditation, and more sleep. 
With this in place, I can find my ability to heal from within, and so can you. My treatment is not over, but instead of sliding away from my Life Purpose, I have grabbed it by the horns and am working to live my life as fully as I can. 
Staying connected and doing work we love is part of being well and self-healing, Find the amount you can do that does not wear you out, and see how this can become part of your healing and living as fully as possible.  
I am lucky ribavirin’s side effects are less strong than many others suffer from, but I believe that part of my personal resiliency is based on the positive actions I take to get what I want out of my life. You might need to take small steps, but small steps add up, and you can follow this blueprint to achieve healing and maintain the best health you can, despite the circumstances.
Don’t give up. Keep striving for more. 
Anything is Possible.
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