Now days one of my great pleasures is sharing the stories of people who have taken control of their health and their lives and cleared the Hep C virus. It is always potent for me because, in most cases, I have travelled the journey with them.
In the this great Letter ’F’ makes that powerful point that people with Hep C should not postpone treatment. The best time to start treatment is NOW!
Below is a story sent to me today from Romania.
Dear Greg,
As promised couple of weeks ago, when I received the long awaited SVR12 result, I am sending you this e-mail to let you know about how I am doing.
I feel NORMAL!
No more concerns about my liver, no more sleep issues, no more unexplainable fatigue, no more thoughts about what food to eat (I do continue to eat healthy, but I started to eat also food that was forbidden in the past), no more foggy brain.
In addition to this, I started to enjoy living my life again as a normal person and no more in “survival” mode: I am talking more with friends, laughing more, looking with optimism at the future and thinking on long term objectives. For a person who has been healthy their entire life, this is nothing spectacular, but for a person who has had a potentially terminal disease like me it is a completely new and wonderful change in my life.
Thank you so much for all that you did for me and all other HCV patients worldwide whom you are supporting or who have read your blogs and learned about the cure provided by the generics !!!

I hope that soon, although it is very relative to use this word, other people will get well through these medicine and that the stupidity related to the patent laws causing people to remain untreated, to sicken and die, will end.

What I see as being a good thing in Romania, is that more and more doctors became aware that the generic drugs are effective and they support the patients willing to take this path.
What remains as a challenge is to make people aware that if they cannot access the subsidized treatment provided by the healthcare system, they can take the generics.
You know what is interesting? When I started the treatment more than 6 months ago, the major concern of those around me was if the generics really work. Today it looks that the concern switched to “from where to take the real generics” and this shows evolution. People do know that generic works. Also, people around me (few however) no longer ask me whether the generics work, rather they ask me how I did it. And this is the point where I direct them to your blog and Fixhepc.
Despite all this, the war against HCV is far from being won. Winning this war involves on one side politics (on a macro level) and courage, eagerness to research and engaging in communication with others (on an individual level).
On a political level we cannot do much, but on individual level we may always say to whom ever we meet who is in need of help:
That’s a message that perhaps people should always see when they browse a forum, website or news about HCV.

I will end this post by thanking you again and wishing you a nice week-end. If I am not wrong, the spring already started in Australia, isn’t it? I wish you a beautiful spring.
Best Regards,