13th February 2016
Bad News. Indian generics being blocked.
Well I was hoping that I would not ever have to write what I am writing now but it is not unexpected.
This week all shipments by two major Indian suppliers of Indian generic Hep C medicines have blocked at the airports by Indian customs.
In conjuction with DHL the shipments leaving India are being seized by Indian Customs.
Whether they will be released or not is another question??
One major supplier has already ceased shipments as the costs of having the shipments seized and not released mount up. This is mixed with the fear of prosecution.
It seems that Big Pharma is not going to allow the poor peoples of the world to access affordable Hepatitis C treatment.
They will have to pay the full, obscene price or die.
The evil persons who run these huge multinationals, and their minions, are determined to profit from the suffering of others and they have not been idle.
Big Pharma’s cruel servants have been moving behind the scenes with their blood and tear stained money and buying favours where it counts. Now they launch their counter attack, blocking access to the affordable generic Hep C treatment coming out of India.
Perhaps it will be a temporary victory for them, perhaps not.
So we may just have to turn back to Bangladesh.
On that note I share this very helpful email from a person who got meds shipped from Bangladesh

Dear Greg! 
Today (just after a month of taking Twinvir) my brother’s blood is cleared from the deadly virus Hepatitis C!!! He will finish the 12 weeks course in 6 weeks!

I want to thank you so so much for the blog, for Al’s contact, and for all the information and hope you gave to our family! You SAVED my brother’s life. My gratefulness to you is unmeasurable.

Let me tell you our happy ending story.

At the beginning I was not sure if I should buy a drug from Al (Bangladesh) or from P J(India). I talked to both guys on Skype. However, my friend’s parents, who live in Bangladesh, actually called Aland confirmed that he is a legitimate good guy. So I went with with Twinvir  rather that with Ledifos even though Twinvir was $150 dollars more. And I was right.

Unfortunately, since my brother lives in Russia, we could have delivery problems. Through different Russian blog sites, I had read that delivery with DhL was  not recommended to Russia since the drug could be destroyed on the Russian border. I was recommended to use AMS carrier. However, Al said that AMS requires additional docs and he would not risk to send with AMS since it might not pass the Bangladesh custom.

So he went to send with DhL. However, when Al came to Dhl office, they told him that 90% of packages with medicines to Kaliningrad, Russia are destroyed or sent back. The problem was with the city Kaliningrad itself since it does not have border with entire Russia (it is former German  Königsberg) . Most likely Kaliningrad  has an extra parcel package security since it is surrounded by European Union. Al asked me if he could send the medicine to any other Russian city with DhL but I it was not an option for me any longer. I have read that any Dhl packages with medicine might have problems anywhere in Russia.

I asked him to use AMS and he finally agreed. However, he told me that it would be my responsibility if something bad happens on the Bangladesh border to the drug. And it happened. The drug did not go through the Bangladesh border. Thanks God, the drug was not destroyed and it was returned to Al safely.

Al suggested to send Twinvir to any of nearby countries again or he could send my money back. My dad lives in Moldova so Moldova became an obvious option.

My brother’s daughter and I got my brother a ticket to Moldova (even though he wanted to wait for summer but we insisted). :))) My brother has fibrosis of a second stage together with vasculitis . Vasculitis  significantly increases the speed of the  liver destruction. By brother  was working 3 jobs , feeding family of five, because he gave up on affording the treatment of $100 000. He buried himself in work 7 days a week from the morning till late night. He was working not stop, lost 10 kg from May till Dec, could not sleep from pain. And then I found your website!!!!!! Anyways, we persuaded him to go to Moldova for 10 days to get a medicine and spend some time with our parents.

Al was so so kind! He did not even take extra money for the second shipment of Twinvir to Moldova. I have read your recent post that some distributors would send the drug but they would not care what happens to it afterwords. Al is not like them. He helped us so so so much!

Long story short, Twinvir arrived safely to  Moldova through Dhl.

My brother was at home with my parents for 10 days!!!! He has not been home and has not seen my parents since July 2010 because he was living in ####### and was working 3 jobs. Also is very expensive to fly to Moldova. Moreover, my brother has never been with my parents without his wife since he got married in 1#### when he was just 18 yo. It was first time since 1#### when my parents had a chance to be alone with him and to spoil him a little. He even gained 1 kg for 10 days being with them! They are so thankful to you and Al!!!!  After his long needed vacation, he told my parents that he needs at least 10 days of vacation like that away from kids once a year to restore his strength. He said that he felt the love of our parents so so much. 

So whatever happens - happens for better! Russian stupid custom rules made my brother see our eldery parents!!!

I attached my parents and my brother’s selfie! Also, the special dietary food my dad cooked for him 5 times a day.

PS Now my brother  quit  one job, so he works only 6 days a week, not 7 and he has time to spend with his kids!!! He looks so so much better as well!

Warm wishes,