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Friendships and Hep C - final segment

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Interesting comments. June 20, 2013 was my last treatment of 48 weeks of triple-therapy. SVR was achieved at week three. I have been HCV clean since. Having compensated Stage 2 Cirrhosis there are days that I still suffer from reduced communication, stamina, and tolerance. It is very depressing at times, yet, your article brings clarity that it's not about me who silently suffers. Thank you for sharing. I just forwarded your article to my dear wife.

March 10, 2015

H W Kemp

I have/am experienced the issues mentioned. In addition I have found it difficult approaching women I may have a interest in. Despite my Hepc I am in good shape physically but find it difficult to explain my condition in fear of scaring people. hcv is not hiv but you tend to be viewed the same.

March 9, 2015

Anita Griggs

I totally relate with you.

March 9, 2015


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