14th November 2015
SVR 12
So it was the big day yesterday, the results of my viral load tests 12 weeks after treatment ended.
As I mentioned I was slightly anxious and as the half hour drive into the clinic for my 9 o’clock appointment became a 50 minute drive when  a traffic jam snarled the highway I began to worry that I would miss my appointment.
But the traffic unsnarled and I made it to the parking station beside the Royal Hobart Hospital and from there took the elevator to the 10th floor where the Hep Clinic is located.
The Hep  nurse was back from her 10 weeks of long service leave and looking much refreshed from her tour with her husband through northern Australia.
We sat down at the desk in her office, her smile said it all.
“Congratulations, no virus detected,” she said, “But you expected that didn’t you?”
I had expected it but I explained about the niggling doubt, the slight anxiety, which had just disappeared.
So we laughed and chatted as a feeling of relief and triumph flowed through me. It had all been worth it, more than worth it, because I could now see into the future the thousands and thousands, maybe millions, of people who would also be getting this same news after 
fighting so long to stay on top of this terrible disease.
Cured thanks to the generic drugs coming out of India, Bangladesh, China and now also Australia.
Flying to Australia
This brings me to the next topic, flying to Australia for generic Hepatitis medicines.
Australia is now unique in the ’developed’ world because there are three compound chemists now compounding Chinese Hep C APIs into consumable doses. The catch with this is that these pharmacies can only supply the medication to people who have an Australian prescription. The patient does not have to be an Australian citizen or resident but they must have an Australian doctor’s prescription.
As a result of this a lot of people from countries where their government obstructs access to generic meds being sent by courier,  like Canada and the USA, are now flying to Australia to get see an Australian doctor and then buy their Hep C meds and fly home with them, a totally legal thing to do.
The process is quite simple.
I can supply you with a list of doctors who will prescribe Hep C meds for you and you can make an appointment with one of these doctors, fly to Australia with your most recent test results, see the doctor, get the prescription buy the meds begin treatment (swallow a tablet) and fly home where your own doctor can monitor your treatment.
Ideally you should also bring a letter from your doctor explaining your situation. Even a prescription if you can get one. This makes it all the easier for the Australian doctor.
If you are short of time this process should take less than one week. If you have spare time then stay a couple of weeks and enjoy the natural beauty of Australia.
If you are really pressed for time then you can speed this process up to a 3 night stay by doing it this way:
1. Make an online appointment with GP2U, an Australian online medical consultancy.
2. Meet the doctor online, with reports etc and explain the situation.
3. Get the prescription sent to you by email. (total cost AUD$100)
4. Send an email explaining your situation and attach a scan of the prescription to Sydney Compounding Chemist order@compoundingchemist.com
5. Pay for the meds before you leave your country so they are made up and waiting for you when you arrive.
6. Fly to Australia.
7. Get the meds delivered to where you are staying.
8. Start treatment
9. Fly home.
If you need any more information of this option then just email me at gregjefferys@outlook.com
SVR 12 is within easy reach. Get yourself healthy and well... LIVE LIFE