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lness, such as hepatitis C, is stressful. Stress is any physical, chemical, or emotional factor that places tension on the body, mind or spirit. This tension may disrupt the balance of health and the body’s ability to maintain wellness.

Even mild stress may have long-term harmful effects if it is a constant companion. Imagine holding a one-pound rock at arm’s length. Then imagine holding the same rock at arm’s length for days, weeks or months. It would be very painful and damaging. This is much like the effects of chronic stress, so even if hepatitis C is just a mild concern in the back of your mind, this thought may me contributing to your stress.

Evaluate your stress level. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is life out of control, even just a little? A common indicator of stress is if small things bother you more easily. If stress is a problem, implement some stress management techniques. It is good for your health and life will be more enjoyable.