I received some great news this morning!  My one month follow-up tests on December 1, 2014 for my HARVONI treatment showed that my viral load is now undetectable after one month of treatment!  

Component Results

ComponentYour ValueStandard RangeUnits
Hcv Rna Qnt Pcr<15 NOT DETECTED<15IU/mL
Hcv Rna Quant Rt Pcr<1.18 NOT DETECTED<1.18Log IU/mL

I suspect that I was undetectable sooner than the one month milestone based on my rapid decline after 8 days on HARVONI but there were no tests conducted during that time to know for sure. The last dose of my 8 week treatment cycle will be taken on December 25.  What an amazing holiday gift!  It appears that I will do another set of blood tests on December 18 or 19 to make sure that everything is still undetectable prior to me taking my last dose.

Let us know how your treatment with HARVONI or the other new drugs is coming along.  Please share your experiences.