scaled_death sweet death_300x300.jpgBack to clinic again today; I think I might have been a bit petulant. Louie and I have a holiday booked in Italy at the beginning of August with our family. Our flight out there was booked for the day before my treatment finishes. It’s bad luck that I was on the placebo so that the treatment and the holiday clash. I asked for permission to come to clinic a day earlier which would mean flying a day later. At clinic I was told that the people in charge of the trial had said no to this.

I said well I don’t care because that’s what I’m doing and you can tell them that.

It’s a shame as this totally negated Ivana and Jess just having congratulated me on what a good son Louie is and crediting his goodness to me.

Their reason for saying no is that they’ve allowed me to change my day to go and work in Ibiza and they can’t do it again. My reasoning is that Ibiza is work and Italy is a long awaited holiday with all my favourite people in the world. We are staying in a villa that’s already booked can’t be changed. If I go to clinic when they want me to it knocks 4 days off my holiday. I have to pay for 2 flights each time I rebook as Louie can’t pay for his. Jess said she’d go back and talk to them again. We’ll see...

The pic is an odd picture my son drew when he was 6 (1999). You can tell he’s going to grow up to be a credit to me, can’t you?

This entry was originally published May 14, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission