forest.jpgYesterday I went for a long walk with Louie and my dad through the woods. Each time my father gave me an option to take the short way I took the long one. Louie and I chatted about the huge difference between this treatment and the last one, i.e. long walks in the woods were not an option before.

My sister and brother cooked for everyone in the evening. I forgot to say that I need to eat at 7 with my pills and we ate at past 8. I don’t know if it was eating late or the walk but I feel like I’ve run a marathon today.

Also the clocks went forward. I needed to take my pills at 7.30 to regulate them back to 7am. I was tired when I went to bed. I got confused and set my alarm for 6.30 meaning that I took my pills an hour and half too early.

I realised what I did, went back to sleep and dreamed that I sold all my drugs to someone else who wanted to do treatment.

Louie phoned the on-call hepatoligist at Kings to check if there was anything to be done, like take my next lot early. He said take them at 7 as normal. I’ve missed the children’s Easter egg hunt today. I’m mostly playing Candy Crush Saga which was invented by sadists to torture ill people. If you don’t know this game, don’t start playing it. Life is too short.

This entry was originally published March 31, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.