In August I had a pretty hefty dose of concentrated blood plasma to treat a hemorrhage. My childhood was filled with these kinds of episodes, but not since I was a kid had I been exposed to such a hefty dose of other peoples’ clotting factor.

When I told my mom about my spike in hepatitis B viral load, she said that back in the day my liver enzymes would go through the roof after any serious hemophilia-related activity. I shared this information with my hematologist, who acknowledged the likelihood of my mom’s enzymes theory but didn’t think that applied to hepatitis B viral load results.

This week I went in for another round of labs to see what exactly is happening with this hepatitis B viral load business. My doctor okay’d this wait-and-see plan, but told me not to expect the B to go down on its own after three weeks without a little nudging from Truvada...

But I’m hesitant to start Truvada right away. The point of starting on a lesser intake of HIV medications with this 800 mg of Prezista is, well, having to take less mgs of medication. I’ve done well on Truvada, Reyataz and Norvir in the past as far as combating HIV goes. So I’m confidant that switch would work out fine. Still, I’m hoping that, despite the odds, this hepatitis B nonsense sorts itself out. As fun as it is to reunite with an old childhood friend, I’d be thrilled if hep B gently faded back into its rightful place in my life.

Which is in the past.

Positively Yours,