I posted a blog entry in late July about my decision to switch from week on/week off treatment of HIV to a continuous regimen that consisted of a lower dose of HIV medication. Well, this week I got my 6-weeks-in lab results and....

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news is that the 800 mg of Prezista (with a 100 mg booster of Norvir) did it’s job in keeping HIV under control. My viral load remained undetectable and my t-cell count jumped from 508 in May to 659- my third highest count ever. But the confetti that was supposed to fall from above got blown out the window by the ceiling fans. See, my hepatitis B viral load, which has been long dormant, awakened.

Hepatitis B hasn’t been an issue for me since the 1980s, when my main priority was perfecting my backspin and searching for slabs of cardboard large enough to break dance on. I feel like I’ve been performing all of the classics this summer, especially after the big hemophilia conundrum last month.So, right now I’m weighing my options. Either stick with the Prezista plan and add a component that addresses the hepatitis B dilemma, or just go back to week on/week off. I’m not completely bummed out by this result, though it was bit surprising to hear from “an old friend” in hep B. That’s because I haven’t really felt any different over the last 6 weeks, which proved to be a very hectic time filled with company, that big show and then dealing with that hemorrhage... I just felt like my tired old self.

I’m wondering if that spike in hepatitis viral load has been a culprit in my low energy levels?

That’s why I’m leaning towards altering my current treatment plan. Prezista is obviously working for me on the HIV front. If I add something to the mix to address the hepatitis B I may be good to go. Will definitely keep you guys updated- and I hope this message finds you healthy and/or happy. As tired as I’ve been feeling, I know it’s of the utmost importance to keep my attitude positive. If you’re dealing with a medical hiccup, try to remember that as well. I know it can be hard when you aren’t feeling your best, but it’s harder to maintain your health and do what’s best when you’re down in the dumps.

Positively Yours,