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17 August 2015: And a few more pills for good measure

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Phillipa Leonard

I am delighted you are on your way David and am sending all the "clearing the virus vibes" from across the sea that I can muster. I will follow your progress with great interest. Phillipa

August 19, 2015


What an absorbing read David - I feel like I am being taken along the journey with you and very much look forward to the story unfolding to a positive end. It's incredibly courageous to share such a personal and what must be a very emotional part of your life - well done you - I know other patients will benefit from your experience.

August 19, 2015


Hello David, sory to hear about the need for interferon, truly inclusive diversity does mean taking on extra measure and I gues these measure are not to promote divesity but to disarm and destroy the vial culture club you have in your blood stream. So big difference there hey. Very glad no interferon is any where nerar you. Nasty Abbott like stuff. Anyways love the blog and humour, wil keep tabs xmikol

August 18, 2015


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