15th December 2015
Well I am determined to finish off the season on a positive note. There are so many good things happening now.
Generic Harvoni and Generic Daclatasvir coming out of India and Australia and Bangladesh.
More and more doctors and hospitals coming on board in Australia and that is filtering through, slowly, to the rest of the world.
For those of you who are thinking about starting on generic treatment for your Hep C the emails below may help you make the decision. Every day I get these wonderful emails from very happy people reporting their progress. And you know I have not had even one email where the person is disappointed with the results.
Hi Greg,
Finished the 3 month course of medications and am totally clear of the Hep C 
on all counts. I will look at a way of thanking you , as people like you 
would make the world run in harmony and unity as it was meant . Thank you a 
thousand times and may the universe smile on you.
Dr. Freeman, Greg, Adam and Paul: 
  I just wanted to let you all know I just got word from my Doctor who said the 4 week test showed “undetected” and wanted to thank you all for your kindness and support in helping me access these medicines.  Chalk another mark on the board for another US traveller who got cured from generic medicine through your help in Australia. Adam, thanks for helping an ’out of town’ customer too,  
  It still seems a little unreal, even though I knew from all I read that its supposed to work,  I always had that nagging fear that for some reason it wouldn’t work for me...well at least so far it has, 
Thanks again all of you, I also posted on the board too and intend to keep my presence there to do what I can to help others they way the board and all of you helped me.
The email  below is particularly potent because this patient had been told by his doctor that he would not live to see Christmas this year. He and his brother contacted me and then went to Chennai and purchased the generic Hep C treatment there. HIs brother wrote to tell me that not only was he still alive but hale and healthy!
Hi Greg, just to touch base with you. ##### has been on this medication  for 
2 months now all is going great. But we have a small problem the specialist 
from R P A said he my need another 3 months supply. Greg if this is can we 
sauce it with you. Not real keen to fly back to Chennai. But in saying that 
I would if I have to.  He seen the specialist today and the specialist said that at this rate he could live for another 10 years. He’s going great for someone who should not have seen Christmas this year. Thanks to you Greg your the life saver and I still  have my twin brother
Hey Greg:
I am sure you are very busy, keeping up with the roll-out in India... but thought i would get you a quick update....
One of the surprising improvements of this treatment has been of a psychological and emotional nature. I was really down in the dumps before treatment, for whatever reasons, and now i am back to my effervescent personality - YEAH!
Week 5 of treatment and it seems (i hope) that the worst is all behind me. Insomnia continues to be an issue, but i have had insomnia since i was about 8 yrs old, truth be told.
Doc did run a liver panel and a blood panel... no viral load. She was pleased with the test results and said other than a slight bit of anemia (possibly), i was good to go. She does not feel it necessary to run viral load until 12 week point.
thanks mate