1. Every human is worthy of love. Every human. Knowing, believing and practicing this belief makes us significant. Dogs know this. Don’t be lower than a dog.

  2. People always talk about the lack of rehabilitation in prisons. Why not consider rehab and love for these people while they are on the outside? It’s true that a large % of all prison sentences are drug related. It makes sense to go to the root of the problem before these people go to prison. Address these issues, before the robbery. Love now, before the crisis. Its easier for everyone involved. Cheaper too.

  3. Its barbaric and counter intuitive to marginalize people who are suffering or less than us. We lose a little bit of our purpose on earth when we don’t reach down and offer a hand up to those who need it most. Its inhumane to have disdain for people who suffer. Behave like a human. Or learn from dogs.

  4. It could be us. Really. With just a slight veer to the left or right we could be just like the junkie living from fix to fix. I mean we are all miserable enough from time to time to indulge in something to cover the pain. Right? We are lucky, we cover our pain with something acceptable like coffee, food, or legal prescription pain pills. But don’t you relate to the utter boredom or despair, or peer pressure that propelled the drug user into addiction? Really none of us are much better than the other. We are all so frail and prone to poor behavior, it’s just some of us dodge it better than others. It could be us. It still might be and aren’t we, ourselves worthy of compassion and love?

  5. Think about yourself or your child. Is there EVER a time when YOU are not worth love? No. Does compassion ALWAYS work to make you feel better? Yes. Pretend you are loving on you when you love on Drug Addicts....and you love yourself ALOT.

  6. Its easy to love a drug addict. Smiles convey love. Smiles are easy. Smile at the people you know struggle. Treat them with respect. Consider how you can help them. Act like they are worthy and wonderful. Promote Harm Reduction. See? Easy.

  7. When you were at your lowest point what gave you a glimpse of hope? Or should we ask WHO gave you a glimpse of hope? People rarely pull themselves up out of deep pits. People need people. Have you survived alone? No. Don’t expect others to either. Support those who suffer generously with love. It will make you feel good and it may save a life.

  8. When people are at their lowest point they hate themselves. Drug addicts literally don’t have the self-respect needed to be respectable. We have to pour it on them with no strings attached in a way that is sincere, then ask them to reach for the truth they can’t see. They ARE worthy of respect. Trick people into behaving better. Good trickery.

  9. 99% of drug addicts who go to rehab and get clean and re-enter society and contribute to good, doing it because someone loved them despite their problems. Be that someone. (I made up the 99% part, but I bet its true.)

  10. Love never fails. Never. That doesn’t mean the people we love on will never fail, but love never fails. We can never love too much. Love is patient, and kind. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. LOVE NEVER FAILS.