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Do Interferon-Free Hep C Treatments Have Side Effects?

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Debra Taylor

I took peg and inter in 2005 for Hep C Even thou its been 10 yrs I still have some side effects. And was wondering if I was alone or imagining it. My gate seems to be compromised as well as my skin is always itchy. But the one that bothers me the most is body aches. Am I the only one?

May 25, 2015 Red Deer

Mark howley

I've been waiting for this treatment for 12 years.bring on the side effect euphoria! I'll have no problem handling that

September 29, 2014 cotton, mn.


Sovaldi/Ribavirin therapies side effects are minumal compared to the interferon/ribavirin regime. I am almost 6 weeks in on a 12 week course and am slightly fatigued, very slightly anemic and have mild anxiety with some horrible cotton mouth. at this point my bloodwork shows Hep C is undetectable, I am so happy! I hope it works this time!!!

September 4, 2014

Richard Doin

I can't wait for this have been on the older drugs Peg/Reb, Thyp, and was a noresopnder this was in 2000 so there really hasn't been anything with out the Pegintron , now i can't wait my byopsy was stage 3 and that was a few Months ago waiting , waiting ,waiting , come on Oct,

August 14, 2014 Amsterdam


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