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What Are the Odds?

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I find the numbers in this article could make people misunderstand when they are at risk.... and how deadly it can be to be/at risk..... i have run a national hep helpline for 10 years and have noticed and audited many outbreaks... in the usa before universal vaccination of babies many ethnic groups chinese.....native.....hispanic ......infected a percentage of children during birthing .... the risk during birth from a hbv mom being 5 to 10% by 5 years ethnic kids were 2 to 10% infected

November 20, 2018


It seems to me the risk for a newborn to catch Hepatitis B would be extremely low unless they are suspected to have a blood disease and will have a lot of blood testing. Is this really about hospital liability? Hep B is more likely to be transferred sexually, other than blood stick cross-contamination. It seems to me, barring a blood problem, this vaccine makes more sense right before puberty and sexual activity.

May 11, 2018


My Dr. treated me with Interferon alpha, which he said is a cancer preventative along with Sovaldi and Ribavirin. My AFP was 5. It still is 5. Normal range is 1-10. My concern right now post treatment SVR 4 years is significant edema with my feet.

February 4, 2018 CA


im dating someone who caught hep ? from surgury-30 yrs ago. he cant remember what type it was but he almost died & everyone in his family had to be i safe to have sex with him now-30 yrs later

July 1, 2013


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