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Hepatitis C Treatment Options for Genotypes 2 through 6

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mary gowan

I have had Hepc for 36yrs.I was undetecteed in 2 wks with s/r And an svr I have a story to tell my husband had the disesae. atransplant and cured again with S/r Willing to tell our story and educated others whether commericals interviews whatever.We can irradicate with awareness

February 25, 2015 elmira

Joe Buccellato

I have hep c since I was a teen. Didn't know I even had it until 1990. Went to Dr. Who told me no worriesit is residual from the flu or some other virus. In 1999 I found out hep was a virus all to itself. Went to a dr. Started a test group. Murderous treatment. Shots, and a handful of pills every day. Manic depression and suicidil thoughts. They took me off program when it wasn't working. Went through treatment last year and it was gone. 3 months it was back. Hoping these new meds will work.

February 24, 2015 Cleveland


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