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FDA Approval Pending Over New Implant Designed to Treat Opioid Addiction

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I don't understand all of this about doctor wants me to change from oxycodone to methadone or subutex.i have had hepc and cirrhosis, stage 3 and am hepc negative after 6months of harvoni.i have been an addict but clean since 1982, have had a broken back bulging disc, stenosis, 3 shoulder replacements and cannot sit down because of back pain. have been recommended for surgery for neck and lower back. because of the fact they still wnt to try physical therapy and injections etc I only u

April 1, 2016


I was on one of the clinical trials of this drug and I was sad when they had to take the implants out. I would have preferred to keep the implants. The drug would diminish over time and I would be completely drug free with no pain or fear of withdrawal. I hope when the drug is approved that it isn't so expensive that no one could afford it. That would be a travesty.

March 31, 2016 EASTON, PA


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