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Why Hepatitis C Tests May Give False Results

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Once you’ve had Hep C and taken the treatment and was proclaimed ‘no evidence of active virus” why will they not proclaim you cured?

December 13, 2020


I had been so sick for months seeing the Dr. Was told I tested positive for West Nile but they said I had contracted in the past & then tested positive 3x for Hep C Genotype 2. Took interferon treatments for 4 wks almost died. Now I don't show hep C 3x now. Dr said I probably never had it! Confused in Ms.

January 21, 2019 Mississippi


The plazma center permanently deferred me and immediately added me to the NDDR with further testing. And they will not accept the negative results from my Dr. This is unjust and I think warrants a class action law suit. I'm sure this has happened to many other people as well. My particular incident is for a false positive Hep C.

December 30, 2018 Michigan


Sniper333,I was told that I was exposed but don't actually have it.

December 19, 2018


I'm a Nurse. I received a blood splash to the eye after removing a patients PIV. Work did the standard testing of me and pt. I was Anti-HCV neg, hiv- and the pt hiv- but HCV +. Work told me I would not contract. 4 weeks after incident I was symptomatic but since work told me CDC said it was not possible to contract in that way I did not correlate my mild illnesses over past month. 8 weeks out, dot he RNA test and my viral load is 18(15 being our cutoff). Will I always be considered HCV+?

October 30, 2018 KY


My husband and I recently gave a blood donation. He received a letter stating he has hep c. He, never used drugs, shared needles, got a tattoo or blood transfusion or received blood. I'm scared and confused. He is a mild drinker. Has had cancer many years ago. Was on steroids over the winter a few times for sinusitis. any answers will help

October 26, 2018

Sniper 333

I was told I'd been exposed to Hep C but didn't have it. My liver enzymes are normal can anyone relate or been told this.

July 31, 2018 MT


An old partner recently told me that he tested pos for hep c when he last donated plasma. He said that he has alchohol induced hepatitis and that causes him to test positive for hep c. I am trying to determine whether that statement is in fact truth or not so if anybody has any info on the subject matter i would appreciate any insight.

June 19, 2018


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