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Past the Finish Line: The Benefits of a Hepatitis C Cure

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Frani N

I am 20 wks post Hep C treatment with Mavyret. All testing has been good, final blood work next month. It has been a painful draining depressing journey physically emotionally and financially. I'm wondering about long term effects of Hep C because I have frequent prolonged nosebleeds. Is this normal?

May 23, 2019 New Jersey

Big Dee

Hello...I was shocked when told I tested positive for Hep C. I had first one blood test (positive) and then the second one, also positive. I am told that I have extremely minimal if any liver damage (the doctor said that is the good news). I have been living with this for 40 years (I used IV drugs only 3x as a teenager) with no symptoms. I am due to start treatment once my insurance ok's it. Am I ok? Is this something I should worry about? Will I feel differently once this is cured?

October 3, 2017 USA


Hi guys, I'm clear of the virus just over 3 years now. It has definitely been a journey, one that I will never forget!! But I'm starting to feel a lot better now, not to upset anyone with my own personal time frame of getting better but that's what it took.. I'm posting this so maybe I can help someone. First off, the treatment for hep c is toxic to your body and you need to detox to feel better. start by trying to lose weight, add probiotics (lots) to your diet and research vitamins for liver!

September 22, 2017 Kildare, Ireland


I am also HEP C free now, and I contacted my virus from a blood transfusion in the early '90s. I did indulge in social drinking but not to the extreme. I am concerned with the comment in this article. Drawing from his own observations, Arora explains that “many patients see [hepatitis C] as sort of an effect of a lifestyle that they’re not particularly proud of, and they want to put it behind them.” This makes me extremely mad. Why do people always think it is a lifestyle thing. Really!!

June 23, 2017 US


After 1 momth my tests came back negative iam so happy but my doctor told me to finish the month treatment anyway

April 9, 2017

bruce dowling

I'd been an alcoholic for 34 years, known I'd had hep c for 20 years and had cirrhosis.My liver doctor of 10 years did nothing except tell me to stop drinking for 6 months,then I could start treatment.A call to a hep c helpline gave me more info than the doctor ever did. I rang St Vincents Hospital in Sydney and they started treatment straight away.I had the worst genotype,I was 53 and had I'm cured.

December 26, 2014 sydney


I am 5 weeks into 12 weeks of Sovaldi, Olysio, Ribavirin. My liver enzymes are in the normal range for the first time since 2005. HEPATITIS C VIRUS RNA is undetectable from almost 6,000,000. Thank God for the V A, without them I am sure I would not be alive right now. I have compensated cirrhosis but I'm feeling better already. I pray for everyone affected by this disease. Never give up!

November 2, 2014 Asheville, NC

Hep Editors

Lee - We recommend you join the Hep Forums ( for asking questions around living with and treating hepatitis C. They are monitored 24x7 and you will find many folks willing to share their experiences.

August 25, 2014


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