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Sovaldi/Olysio Combo Cures 94% of Those With Liver Disease

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please IF Sovaldi/Olysio Combo Curesase is efective for the treatment of the hepatites c genotype 4.

May 7, 2015 Cairo-Egypt


I just discovered I have hepatitis C. No clue of how I got it Married almost 40 years,no history of drug addiction husband passed in 01. No sexual contact with any other than him since1978. I was I a serious in the mid 50's which is where Dr. seems to think it originated but seems as if I would be dead if I had it that long.

January 18, 2015 Jacksonville

Frank Lewis

I'M CURED!!! Solvadi/Olysio combo treatment works. Took it for 12 weeks and I'm clean for nine months now.

January 10, 2015 Salt Lake City


I finished a 12 week regimen of S &O in sept. Just had blood work done today but dr. Seemed not so positive about the outcome of what the labs will be even though I cleared the virus in the first month. He says my liver enzymes were still slightly elvated so there's a good chance that the virus will return. I didn't realize that the liver enzymes were a factor in this. I have chirrosis and thought maybe the slight elevation was caused to the chirrosis. Is elevated liver enzymes a factor?

November 4, 2014 Circleville

michael lazarow

interested in future results and comparative treatment costs,as well as side effects of various approaches

October 14, 2014 League City, TX


just started treatment yest. s/o combo for geno type 1. as you all know hep c constantly stays in my thought process as something that will shorten my life...cant wait to rid this nightmare and be there for my family. any other side affects besides being tired/ hungry? doctor mentioned rashes as well? thanks MJR

September 9, 2014 glens falls


one week in and no side affects as yet. hope it stays that way. went through old treatment few years ago and that was terrible and it didn't work. hope this does the trick

September 4, 2014 frederick md.

Kathy Mahoney

I am genotype 1 considered interFEARon intolerant and now on the olysio solvardi combo

August 27, 2014 Hollywood


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