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The 2017 Hepatitis C Treatment Pipeline

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I am struggling with severe joint inflammation, difficultly walking and fatigue so bad I can barely lift my limbs at times. I recently learned I have hepatitis C as my husband found out shortly before we married he was infected about 5 years ago. I'm praying for a cure this year. anybody have any suggestions for finding a way to get the cure? I have Florida Blue cross but they denied me the medication last year. I have a 7 yr old, a 4 yr old, a 3 yr old foster daughter, and a 2 yr old.

December 1, 2017 Marianna FL

Paul Richard

Thanks for sharing valuable information about advancements made in Hepatitis C treatment. I will be looking for more posts on your blog.

July 11, 2017


What is the cost and would Ontario Health cover this?

June 28, 2017 Northern Ontario


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