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My Autumn Outrage

Christine Rodriguez argues against efforts to criminalize hep C in Michigan.

Your HCV
Viral Load

Kyle Jacobs goes over the numbers in terms of disease progression and treatment response.

Hep C Healthy Thanksgivings

Check out Karen Hoyt’s list of liver-loving holiday recipes.

Alcohol and Hepatitis C

Kim Bossley reflects on a very heated and controversial debate from her hep C support group.

Treatment Number 5!

Rick Nash is determined to cure his hepatitis C once and for all.

Symptoms and Side Effects

Don’t always assume its hep C or its meds that are making you sick, says Lucinda K. Porter.

Don’t Sabotage Your Recovery

Some amazing post-treatment tips from Hep blogger John Rickman.

Optimal Healing: Exercise

Don’t miss the fourth and final part of Matt Starr’s hep C wellness series.

ERADICATE Trial Results

Harvoni cures almost all people with hep C coinfected with HIV.

A Normal Lifespan

One more reason why getting cured of hep C is worth it.

Liver Cancer Outcomes

Which one has a better survival rate post-treatment: Hep B or Hep C?

Harvoni + Cirrhosis

12 weeks of the new drug plus ribavirin cures 96% among treatment-experienced patients.

S/O Cures Post-Op

The newly-approved hep C combo cures 90% of patients with liver transplants.

Promising HCV Vaccine

Phase 1 trials show good safety and tolerability. Expect phase II study results in 2016.

4 Week Hep C Cure Fails

However, Merck’s new fixed-dose combo plus Sovaldi works well in 8 weeks.

ACA Enrollment Starts Soon

How people with hep C can find health insurance — or shop around for a better plan.

Docs Worried About HBV Shots

Safety concerns are still a barrier to the uptake of hepatitis B vaccines among infants.

Art on A Postcard

The Hepatitis C Trust’s cool awareness auction raised nearly $66K.

The Liver Meeting 2014

Check out the latest in hepatitis research from AASLD’s annual conference.

Moving On From Hep C

Now that there’s a cure, drug companies are turning their attention to other deadly liver diseases.

Hepatitis A in Major Decline

Thanks to vaccines, hospitalizations from the liver virus significantly dropped from 2002-2011.

Baby Boomers at Risk!

Viral hepatitis cases rise 48% in U.S. nursing homes over five years.

Egypt Facing Hep C Charges

Health officials allege the country misused Sovaldi to treat geno 4’s.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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Community support
“My husband was diagnosed in 2010 and we thought it was from his tattoo. The Dr suggested I get tested and I too am positive. What are the odds of that? My Dr said it was from having sex with my husband. But I had a blood transfusion in ’84, so what if I actually gave it to him? His Genotype is 1 and mine 1A. His RNA quant is 200,000 but mine is over 3 million.”
littlekansas’ “Husband and now me with Hep C”

“I was interested in the way people talked about ‘brain fog’ lifting mid treatment. At first I thought they meant a side effect of the drugs but then found out that having difficulty concentrating and being unable to focus, can be symptomatic of hep C. This is a revelation for me and very exciting as I have struggled with these issues and get very frustrated at not being able to think clearly when talking to others.”
joemac’s “Third time lucky?”

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Andrew Muir, MD, MHS, chief of the Duke Division of Gastroenterology, on first visiting a liver specialist.
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