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Open Up!

For many, the door to hepatitis C treatment is still locked by health insurance restrictions.

Time to
Get Listed

Karen Hoyt, on how to sign up for a liver transplant.

A Plea For Help

Why are so many doctors holding back on generic hep C treatment?

Baby Boomer Fact Sheet

Experts agree: Everyone born between 1945-1965 should get tested for HCV.

Week 17!

Check out the progress on Grace Campbell’s HCV treatment story.

What’s New in Hepatitis C Treatment?

The AASLD’s treatment guidelines have changed, once again.

Walking With the Shepherd

Connie Welch, on why the chance of a hep C cure is now greater than ever.

Fight the Isolation

Hepatitis C patients need more support. Here’s where
to find it.

HCV Genotypes

Everything you need to know about hep C’s viral diversity.

AbbVie’s Latest Hep C Cure

FDA green lights Technivie for genotype 4 of hepatitis C.

Another New Treatment

FDA OKs BMS Daklinza to treat hepatitis C genotype 3.

It Takes Two

In those with HIV, it’s best to treat hepatitis B with two drugs.

AASLD Updates!

A breakdown of the best hepatitis C treatment for your genotype.

How Sure Is
a Cure?

Two reasons your SVR may not be permanent: relapse or reinfection.

Genotype 5

Some facts about one of the the least-studied hep C subtypes.

The Latest Hepatitis Numbers

An in-depth look at the CDC’s updated hepatitis A, B and C infection stats.

Dangerous Delays

U.S. pharma accused of holding back adverse drug event reports to the FDA.

PAP Restrictions

Gilead says its going to start limiting hepatitis C patient assistance programs.

#4000Voices Speak Out

July 28 marked the fifth annual World Hepatitis Day. Here’s what went down.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

An Unmet Need

Treatment options for hep C patients with genotype 3 of the virus.

Dirty Doctor

Man responsible for Las Vegas HCV outbreak sentenced to even more prison time.

Hot Spot

Maine is currently experiencing its worst HCV outbreak in state history.

Hep Lesson: Hepatitis C Symptoms

Many people with chronic HCV have no signs of infection. Others have a much harder time.

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Community support
“I don't understand why having an interferon TX-history matters when the new drugs are acting through a different mechanism. Also, why does the duration matter if in most cases the virus becomes undetectable at week 4? Why does having cirrhosis matter? Does anyone have any articles that can shed some light on this?”
sickpuppy’s “Why does TX-history matter?”

“One good thing to eat when you don't feel like eating anything is a healthy smoothie. That will often go down easier than a solid meal, and you can pack it full of good things. Important to reduce or eliminate from diet: salt, added sugar, white flour, and pretty much any packaged or prepared foods or fast foods.”
KimInTheForest’s “Re: Taking care of your liver”

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Inventor of Sofosbuvir discusses limited patient access to drug.
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