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EASL's Top

Lucinda K. Porter starts wrapping up the huge liver conference in her blog by overviewing its 2014 hepatitis C treatment guidelines.


Ever had teeth-chattering chills or flu-like symptoms while taking Ribavirin? Joe Burke figures out how to fix it in his latest blog.

Drug Treatment
& The ACA

Howard Josephner asks, 'As substance abuse treatment coverage is extended to the U.S., will insurers start treating addiction as a chronic condition?'

Hep Lessons: Trying Out

Are you a relapser or a non-responder? Will newer hep C treatments work for you?

Understand Your MELD Score

For patients needing a new liver, the higher the number, the higher up you are on the transplant waiting list.

EASL 2014 Kicks Off

Check out Hep's coverage of the 49th annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver.

CROI Roundup

Check out Hep's overview of news from the front lines of hepatitis research from this year's Boston conference.

The Perfect Coinfection Cure

Fixed-dose sofosbuvir/ledipasvir cures 100% of hepatitis C cases among those coinfected with HIV & is safe to use with ARVs.

In Europe, Hep Beats HIV

The viral hepatitis epidemic eclipses HIV in Europe by killing off nearly 10 times more people.

More Pills, Cheaper Price?

Researchers find that Sovaldi-Olysio-Ribavirin combo is actually more cost-effective than treating hep C with just Sovaldi/Ribavirin.

Current Issue

In the current issue, Congressman Hank Johnson talks about being cured of his hep C.

The Anti-Sovaldi Coalition

Some insurers say they will end coverage of the pricey new hep C drug as soon as competitors hit the market.

Berry Epidemic Still Growing

More than 1,300 hepatitis A cases across the European Union over the last year show frozen berry products are still not safe.

Huge Hep C
Class Action

A North Dakota nursing home is now being sued for the second largest hep C outbreak in U.S. history.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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The community shares
"I was totally shocked when my doctor said that I had to start hepatitis C treatment NOW. What he is recommending is Sovaldi and Ribivarin (no interferon). Does anyone know of a study on this combo for a 1b, and what the SVR is? Does it sound like a good idea? I'm also wondering about Off-label Sovaldi and Olysio (as long as I'm dreaming)."
diamondd's "Sovaldi plus Ribavirin"

"My mum was recently diagnosed with hep C that she has apparently had since before I was born, so there is a chance I have it. I have had blood tests and am waiting for results at the moment. I am absolutely terrified for myself, and my mum. Please can someone help?"
nat's "Test results back soon"

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Footage from the front lines
I Help C's Karen Hoyt talks about trying to work while on hepatitis C treatment.
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