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Risks of HCV Treatment?

Earlier this month, death entered the rooms of the Hep Forum. Lucinda K. Porter investigates.

Protect Yourself

Six tips to keep you healthy and strong this fall.

Wash Cloths With Hep C?

Anderson Cooper takes Pat Robertson to task.

Finding Out You Have HCV

You are not alone! Check out John Rickman’s inspiring diagnosis story.

Harvoni Pricing

Connie M. Welch goes over the cost-benefit ratio of this new hep C treatment.

A New Dawn

Joe Burke: Seeing my hep C cure in black and white is surreal.

HCC Liver Cancer Retreats

Here’s what HCV expert, Karen Hoyt looks for in a good healing center.

Same Price as a Maserati

Gilead’s new hepatitis C drug, Harvoni is seriously expensive.

Three Deaths on Olysio

Japan has now issued a package warning for the new hep C drug.

For All

National HCV treatment guidelines underline non-discrimination.

BMS’s New Hep C Drug

Daclatasvir cures 82% of people with genotype 4 of HCV.

Core-Antigen Testing

New screening method for hep C among HIV+ people saves time, money and resources.

Drink Up!

Coffee, even decaf, can promote liver health.

FDA Approves Harvoni

Everything you need to know about Gilead Sciences’ new one-pill-a-day treatment.

Top Priority

Why liver cancer tests should go to hep-B positive cirrhotics first.

BMS Pulls
The Plug

The company will no longer pursue FDA approval for its new hep C drug.

It Makes Sense

An argument for treating people at high risk of transmitting hep C.

ExpressScripts Might Ditch Sovaldi

The PBM is now eyeing AbbVie’s upcoming, possibly cheaper HCV drug.

Pain Pills
vs. Heroin

Which is more dangerous for IDUs? New hep C stats may surprise you.

Rat City!

NYC’s vermin are infected with a strange hepatitis C-like virus.

‘Pay if You Clear’

Scotland proposes new reimbursement program for failed hep C treatments.

NYS Pitches HCV Treatment Restrictions

Advocates push legislators to reconsider plans limiting treatment access.

Risks in
the Ring

Retired wrestler sues WWE after contracting hepatitis C.

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Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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“ Bouts of Super Energy, inability to focus, multitasking: I think I feel like a person with ADD does. I am bouncing from one thing to another. Not finishing the first and starting on the 2nd and 3rd and 4th. So tired forgetting what I started and didn't finish yet. Crazy motivation to want to organize and clean every nook and cranny.“
BattleTheBeast’s “ New S/O Diary of Treatment“

“ 10 yrs ago the VA offerred my the treatment with Iterferon and Ribavarin, and before starting treatment I went to a few group mental heath sessions. This was all it took for me to say no to the treatment. Half of the people looked half dead--many divorces during treatment--and only a 50/50 chance of cure.“
DesertGuy’s “ Ribavirin—why didn’t they tell us?“

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Andrew Muir, MD, MHS, chief of the Duke Division of Gastroenterology, on first visiting a liver specialist.
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