Hep Summer 2016 - Special Issue

Hep Summer 2016 - Special Issue

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Super Friend: Gloria Guzman Inspires Others Hoping for a Hep C Cure

As a peer educator, Gloria Guzman inspires others hoping for a hepatitis C cure.

From the Editor

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What a Wonderful World

Regardless of the hurdles many HCV-positive people face, there is a better chance to get cured than ever before.


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Youthful Drug Use Not to Blame?

Another explanation for hep C among baby boomers

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Screening Among Baby Boomers Is Inadequate

People on Medicaid are less likely to be treated.

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Cherokee Nation Seeks Complete Elimination of Hep C

They are the first community in the United States to set this goal

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Hep C Health Insurance Discrimination

An analysis from Harvard University

U.S. Addiction Treatment Is Hard to Get

More difficult than getting drugs that cause addiction

Treatment News

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Hepatitis B and C Drive Liver Cancer Rates

Liver cancer incidence is steadily rising in the United States, driven by hepatitis B and C virus infection in an aging population.

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Expanded Approval for Daklinza/Sovaldi

The FDA expanded the approved uses of the combination hep C virus regimen of Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Daklinza and Gilead Sciences’ Sovaldi.

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Treating Hepatitis C Earlier Is More Cost Effective

Using Gilead Sciences’ Harvoni to treat hep C in certain people is more cost effective than waiting until their liver disease progresses.

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Hep C and Heart Disease Link

People with hep C virus (HCV) have higher rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD) than HCV-negative individuals with similar risk factors.

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FDA OKs Merck’s Zepatier

The FDA has approved Merck’s once-daily, fixed-dose combination tablet Zepatier to treat people with genotypes 1 and 4 of hep C.


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