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When is "Worrying" ok?

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I’m 53 and I contracted Hep A B & C when I was 19. At 47 Doctors took my blood and after more than 2 decades of abusing Drugs and Alcohol everyday with all 3 Hepatitis Viruses my Liver at age 50 I’ll be 54 in November. Wasn’t even damaged enough to qualify for the Hep pill. Not even Stage 1 fibrosis. So there’s always hope and don’t listen to anyone but your body. Doctors are Human just like you. They don’t have magical powers or the inside scoop ahead of all others. Got to go there scared! L

June 12, 2019

Margaret Polino Nicholas

kim has been my mentor! She is a wonderful!

July 9, 2015

Lucinda Porter

Right on!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 8, 2015


Bravo, just great info Kim, you are a gem...

July 8, 2015

John Nickl

I have been in the dark side now for almost 8 yrs and just found some hope again and strength to fight again....... I have an appointment with transplant team this coming monday for first time and with the hope it brings I am also nervous as all get out ..... but at least for today i have fight and feel good about it

July 8, 2015

Joseph S Risenhoover

Kim you are so right, I ask the other day in a group why are people so willing to kill themselves trying to cure something that we CAN live with. If you treat and are in remission, I am glad for you and very happy it worked, it didn't for me. I am not, after 3 rounds of treatment going to treat again, nor am I looking to transplant at this point I am 100% Behind what you said and will be sharing We all need to get over the Doom and gloom part of this I have lived almost 40 years with this disease, and you know more then that Kim, and I am happy as hell with my life other then the obovious after effects from the old drugs I am behind you on this WTG way to hit the point

July 8, 2015


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