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What You Need to Know about the Newest Hepatitis C Drug Sovaldi

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Lucinda Porter

Cindy - I can't say for sure, but if you were cured in 2009, very likely your recent test was a hep C antibody test. This test will always be positive, cured or not. If you can, try not to worry until you have more information.

January 17, 2018 CA


I have had hip c and finished treatment in 2009.I was undectable.I recently did blood work and my doctor said Hip c was showing.I have a appointment for cut her testing I'm scared it is back.could thus be possible

January 15, 2018

Lucinda Porter, RN

Hi Gigi - Your doctor is the first pace to discuss side effects. HEP has some tips on its site: Also, the Hep Forum is a good place to get support while on treatment.

September 10, 2016


Side effects sovaldi ribavurin Bones ,muscles, joints, knees, head,spine Exhaustion. Can't sleep

August 18, 2016 Astoria


I have been prescribed Sovaldi treatment by my doctor and he said I fully qualify . he also said it may take a month to get and I may be denied the first time. I have Florida Blue and it has been denied, I will take the papers to my doctor in the morning, Anyone else ?

March 22, 2016

Lucinda K. Porter, RN

Hi Heather - Congrats on starting treatment. You didn't say what you are on, but I assume it is Sovaldi and ribavirin (versus Sovaldi + Daklinza). If so, then it is likely that side effects will get worse and last several weeks to a month after treatment is over. The headache will probably get better (especially if you drink lots of water) and if you learn how to manage the nausea, that may improve, but the sleeplessness and a few other side effects that you haven't reported are likely to get more intense. However, there is lots you can do to help this. If you aren't already on the Hep Forum, I highly suggest joining.

January 20, 2016


Hello, I'll just give a short run down of my history and than my question. I contracted hep c from bad choices around the age of 23. Iam now 29, I have genotype 2, suppose Iam lucky to have gotten the lesser of many bad genotypes, but than again no one is lucky to have contracted this virus. Anyways, I gambled years ago to put off treatment because I was a single parent of a baby and could not fathomne being very sick and taking care of my child. I made the right choice. Been taking the new medication for treatment of hepc and iam only on week 1 of treatment. I was wondering if anyone has experienced nausea pretty rough in the a.m? And I have headaches and some sleep!essness. Does the side effects taper off or continue through out treatment? I just also have to say I have the most deepest respect for anyone who took interferon for treatment. You guys are amazingly brave and heroic in my book.

January 20, 2016


Hello everyone! I just wanted to tell a little bit of my story with Hep C and treatment because I think it is an amazing testimony!! I contracted Hep C as part of bad choices I made. I found out in October 2014 that I was positive for Hep C genotype 3 and my viral load at the time was only moderately high. Within just a few months after finding out my viral load shot up 4 times the amount it was when first detected. The infectious disease Dr recommended immediate treatment of sovaldi and ribavirin. My medicaid would not approve and Dr was worried. Appealed Gilead sciences and they approved the two Meda for me for free!! What a blessing!! Dr told me not to be disappointed if it took nearly all 24 weeks to be undetectable, but to everyone's amazement I received a confirmation of undetectable by week 4!!!! It has been undetectable since, and I am on my last 2 weeks of treatment!! Going for my last follow up appointment in 3 weeks and then one more 3 months after completion to make sure it is still undetectable before we can call me a case cured!! I am so happy to soon be on the wall the Dr has of patients cured of Hep C with treatment!! Praise God for my success story!! I will live a full and healthy life with my daughter!!

January 3, 2016


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