We all have done it, gone to pick up a prescription at our local pharmacy and have gotten what appears to be a 10-page booklet with our prescription bag. Generally we give these microscopic lettered sheets of paper a quick glance and toss into the trash. Yes it could be that most of us can not make out any of the letters or wording as they are so fine, but we also have entrusted our doctors and pharmacists recommendations about the “dangers and side effects” these medications can cause.


However, what if you are one of those people who actually reads these handouts cover to cover ,over and over again?  Each time feeling your heart racing faster, the hesitation building as you are about to ingest one of those tablets?  What if what you read triggers a panic or fear that hits your core?  What if reading this pamphlet has now caused you to dwell on ALL the side effects and hidden dangers?  What if by doing this,you are now questioning whether you really need this medication? What if you are thinking of not starting what your doctor and pharmacist has recommended you take to save your life/liver?

Recently, many patients and fellow hepatitis C fighters ask me this no win question: Should they go ahead and start taking this medication to cure their hep C? They have dissected each word and have caused a mass panic within themselves. By the time they reach out to me for advice they have already worked themselves up to point of despair and are not wanting to take this life saving medication. Let me clarify something right now, I am no medical doctor or medical professional. I am a survivor of hepatitis c with experience in the old regimes (the really really harsh ones) and the newest one that has CURED ME. ( My personal story and fight with Hepatitis C )

I always state that I am not here to be a expert on these medications. However, I can offer suggestions and direct an individual who may be in the frightening uncertainty of what they have read. I share my opinion, nothing more, nothing less along with my own personal experience taking these medications.  It is up to that person after I share my story whether they wish to continue or start medications. Also it is between the patient and doctor according to their personal medical history.
I share that in life, all around us are these “precautions” lurking to put “fear” in all of us. These attention alerts are there for one reason and one reason only.... to avoid lawsuits. Any where you go whether it is getting a coffee at your local coffee shop or putting gasoline in your car, there are warnings.  “very HOT,” “Can cause explosions,” “slippery,” you name it. Does this then mean that we can no longer enjoy that “hot” cup of coffee or fill our gas tanks up?

NO, certainly not...  These warnings are to protect the manufacturers and companies from individuals out to get something for nothing. To catch the unexpected company or manufacturer unexpectedly by spilling hot coffee on themselves burning them. Then suing the company or manufacturer for not warning them of the OBVIOUS.  

With that said, drug companies and these little white booklets in our medications have to spell out every possible side effect, precaution and even death because if they do not that is a open segment for possible lawsuits.  It has become a lawsuit trigger society and now no corner can be left uncrossed or exposed whether it pertains to the medication or not. Does this really mean that all these medications cause ~all~  these side effects?  No it does not. Again it is there to cover their backsides (so to speak) to prevent multi million dollar lawsuits because someone was out to find a loop hole in the product.

If you are the type person that is looking for reasons to NOT take these life saving treatments.... you will be able to talk your self out of treatment by dissecting every symptom listed.  Again I am no expert but I can tell you from experience and seeing thousands cured.... I have come across NO ONE person who has had ALL the symptoms listed in those booklets.  The most common side effects have been about 3-4 side effects.  And with that everyone is different. We all react to medications in a variety of ways.  I was very fortunate to have slight minimal side effects on Solvaldi and ribavirin.  

But if you have so much fear and so much worry, talk this over with your doctors, they are treating hundreds like you by now and can offer that support.  My best advice to you is be aware of things but don’t dissect them.  Be EDUCATED not FEARED.  There is a difference.

The best time to Get TESTED, Get TREATED, Get CURED.... is NOW. !!!   It truly is, now go start the rest of your life free of HEPATITIS C.

“Not without a FIGHT!~HCV~(c)”
Together WE are STRONG

Remember - Stay Positive in your fight!  Your body reacts to what you put in your mind.

Kimberly Morgan Bossley