Rather than the frankly dark posts of the last week, I thought I’d give you something lighthearted today.

I thought I’d blog my day. Think of it as Blogstagram.

I’m in Sydney at the moment. I’ve come down to see the specialists I’m with to examine a few weird and wacky blood test results.

But hey - Sydney! Sunday! Let’s go!


No visit to Sydney is complete without a little promenade around Circular Quay to the Opera House. She’s a grand dame with her sails against the sky.


It’s fun to watch the ferries scuttle about, taking commuters to and from work. I think it would be quite fun to travel to work by ferry! The contrast of these busy little ferries against the leviathans that come into harbour with thousands of tourists is dramatic. I know which I prefer.


I like to take my favourite stairs. I imagine how many feet have trodden these weathered blocks. I wonder where they were going and what they were doing. I love that it has its own lamp.


A walk through Hyde Park is always nice, although watch for the ibis and pigeons. They’re pretty cheeky and will take the food right out of your hand. The wistaria is amazing in spring.


And if you’re lucky you’ll catch the Bubble Man! The kids love him - and so do the adults!


And finally, Sydney at night, in all her glittering finery.

I hope you’ve had a nice day with me. I  hope you enjoyed the coffee and the movie. We should do it more often.

Of all the times to be kind to ourselves, that time when we are undergoing treatment is one of the most important. We need to make time to recharge our batteries. Every now and then we need to enjoy what’s around us right now instead of worrying what’s around the bend.

Live in the moment every now and then. You might enjoy it.