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Tell the USPSTF that Hep C Testing Saves Lives

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Carol A. Harms

Having Hepatitis C contracted from a 1978 blood transfusion, I would ask how ANY agency in the U.S. knows how ANY person got Hepatitis C. No one's asked my background and researched my medical history at all. I believe it might be true that a lot of Hep C patients are the result of something to do with a needle: kidney dialysis, vaccines from the military, paramedics, phlebotomists w/mishaps, police infected from bloody criminals, etc. But, nobody's asked me questions. And I see no way anybody can know for sure. Somebody, somewhere stuck us all with "drug user" label which in turn makes it easier for agencies and individuals to ignore us and not be that concerned. USPSTF: 1 in 12 people in U.S. have Hepatitis C, that includes you and you and you.

December 18, 2012

Hep Editors

Hi Michael, Your question should be posted in the Hep Forums ( Thank you.

December 16, 2012


I have cronic Hepititus B, do not know how long I was infected till I developed systoms, in August of 2012. My viral load is undetectable as of 12/1/12. My partner has acute Hep-B undetectable viral load. Getting mixed messages on what is safe and unsafe sex between us. Anyone help me out? Thanks Michael. I'm 64, partner 49.

December 15, 2012


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