8th August 2015
My friends from India recently successfully completed a “worst case scenario” delivery of a three month treatment of Sofosbuvir and Ribavirin tablets to the USA.
As some of you may know the way that Customs works in most countries is that there is a random sampling of goods arriving from overseas origins. In the USA this random sampling has increased due to the issues surrounding international terrorism. 
In practical terms this means that, lets say, one in every ten parcels comes in for superficial scrutiny and one in every twenty comes in for close inspection.Close inspection means that contents and documentation is thoroughly inspected. 
This happened recently with a shipment of Sof/Riba to a person with Hep C in the USA. This shipment had all its documents and contents inspected by Customs. The recipient was contacted and further supporting medical documents were asked for. The parcel and documents were then brought to the attention of the FDA who also inspected them closely. The result was nearly three weeks of official inspection of this shipment by every related US government entity.
Result? The shipment of 84 generic Sofosbuvir tablets and 504 Ribavirin tablets was delivered to the person who ordered them and that person has now begun treatment.
So much for all the nonsense being peddled around by the fear mongers that it is illegal to import medicines for personal use into the USA.
My message to you folk in the USA; don’t get sucked in by the fearmongers, right now hundreds of people around the world are being cured of their Hep C by using Indian generic medicines. Despite what some people say your government does not want you to be sick or to die. Depending on what genotype you have your treatment delivered to you from  India will cost you somewhere between US$1,100 and US$2,200.  Then you can be well on the way to curing yourself of Hepatitis C. Of course you should seek medical advice on the best form of treatment.
Most other countries have very easy rules for importation of meds for personal use by their citizens. If you need help just write to the relevant government authority in you country, explain the situation and get an official ruling. You might be surprised how easy this process is. It might be even as simple as checking a government website.
If you need help or advice about your country please feel free to contact me as I am building a data base on various countries’ rules regarding importation of medicine for personal use.