This entry was originally published on January 15, 2013 on Don’t Bleed On Me. Seriocity Productions is documenting Devon’s new treatment and is releasing weekly video updates to show his progress. Reprinted with permission.

Here is an interview of Devon Nicholson done by James Murray of Thunder Bay’s

The interview covers an update on Devon Nicholson’s lawsuit against Larry “Abdullah The Butcher” Shreve. It details the Hep C positive blood work Devon’s lawyers received from Larry “Abdullah The Butcher” Shreve last year and the treatment he has been going through to cure himself of the disease.

Larry Shreve allegedly put Devon at risk of Hepatitis C by assaulting him with a razor blade with his blood on it during a Pro Wrestling match in 2007.

In November 2011 Shreve sent in blood test results indicating he was Hepatitis C positive genotype 2, the same type as Devon Nicholson.

Shreve had come to Ottawa on December 21st to attend an official mediation session with Devon’s lawyers and a mediator. The mediation is now over and the lawsuit is ongoing.