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Unsettling Hepatitis C Research

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Lucinda Porter, RN

Thank you everyone for comments. There are strong opinions here, but until we have data, I do not want to scare people with claims that aren't scientifically backed. My blog won't change things, so better to do this right. Complaints need to be filed with the FDA. You can do this yourself or via your doctor:

November 10, 2017

Lucinda Porter, RN

Our stories are real, but stories aren't science. The people here who are commenting, have suffered the loss of a loved one. Science tells us that it wasn't the treatment that caused these deaths, it was because hep C causes cirrhosis which causes liver cancer. More people die from hep C than all 60 infectious diseases COMBINED. A million people will develop cirrhosis if not treated.

November 8, 2017

Lucinda Porter, RN

It is heart breaking to read about this needless loss, deaths that likely would have occurred sooner without hep C treatment. Science tells us that hep C treatment reduces our risk of liver cancer by 71+%. BUT, people with cirrhosis are still at risk, and all these deaths testify to the critical nature of close medical follow-up for people with cirrhosis. I am so sorry to hear these tragedies but thank you for reminding us to get medical treatment AFTER treatment.

November 8, 2017

Ana King

20+ years of having Hep C. Spouse was living life just fine. Took Harvoni and was cured. One year after Harvoni no problems...still cured. Within the next 6 months spouse had inoperable and untreatable HCC. Died within 8 weeks. I firmly believe that while Harvoni may have cured my spouse, it also caused my spouse's death. I have found many others with the exact same situation. It's not just my story. People should know about this drug's problems before agreeing to take it.

November 7, 2017


My husband had Her C for 30 yrs and had a healthy liver. He took Harvoni for 12 weeks ending mid March 2017, but June 5th 2017 diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer (HCC). He passed away Sept 21st 2017. This information needs to get out, people need to know the dangers. My husband would have had a lot more yrs had he not taken Harvoni.

November 7, 2017 ID


Harvoni is a poison that killed my husband. Not enough is known about this drug. He was strong & healthy. No cancer. Started it in Oct. By mid Nov. Getting week and sick. His dr said. Your may get worse b4 u get better. By End of Jan. Sent to UofM. Diagnosed w/cancer of liver, pancreas and adrenal glands Feb 3rd and died Feb. 24th. Harvoni killed him. I have a friend who has a simular story of her loved one. When is the killing going to stop?

November 7, 2017

Bruce's mom

later. No one wants to talk about this. There are so many people not only dying, but truly suffering from horrible side effects not listed on the label. People are only talking to doctors and not to the people who are being killed or hurt by this drug. What is going to take to get someone to listen to us? How many more people have to die or have their lives ruined before someone cares? Some one help us for Gods sake!!!

November 7, 2017 Indiana


It’s about time!! How many people have died? How many are suffering? How many are about to die? GILEAD NEEDS TO STOP PRODUCTION! We are all screwed!

November 7, 2017 Chicago


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