The Fear Mongers who have been using scare tactics and exaggeration to influence people who are sick and vulnerable are literally killing people.

When I say “literally killing people” I mean it.  We can’t overemphasize the amount of damage a few attention peddlers can do by claiming the new antivirals to treat Hepatitis-C cause or exacerbate liver cancer. They don’t. Of course, there are people who have End Stage Liver Disease who have and will take medicine and yet get worse or die. That’s from the virus, not the medicine, but these needy folks need a following, even if it comes in the form of a few likes or shares on Facebook. And even if it’s at the expense of life apparently.

Fortunately, the antivirals have now been out long enough to have produced scientific reports that completely refute the outrageous claims of those with attention seeking disorder. I imagine these reports will be met with accusations of a Government cover up, evil pharma connections, and or a Trump ploy to kill us all,  but those theories fail considering these reports come from different scientists all over the world who have no connection to each other.

This isn’t anything to play with, the hepatitis-c virus is never content to harmlessly loiter in our bodies, rather it grows, attacks, mutates, and ravages our livers until we face fibrosis, then cirrhosis, cancer…even death. Turning yellow and dying a painful death is the alternative to treating Hepatitis-C with the new antivirals. Period.

Trying to fight the virus is hard enough, but having to wade through the narcissistic needs of people who are more concerned with likes than seeing people relieved of their suffering is just too much.  I personally know people who are refusing to treat because these attention seekers keep spreading false information. I also know that James and I have been at times so demoralized by fools that we quit our advocacy efforts, only to force ourselves to remember the objective.

I take my advocacy work seriously. Hepatitis-C advocates have an obligation to serve Hep-c patients. That means advocating for other advocates who are being intentionally sabotaged. Being loud and clear when false information is spread. Calming fears that cost lives. Refuting false claims. There comes a point when tolerating evil ceases to be a display of self-control, patience, wisdom, or virtue. I am complicit when I allow people with Hep-C to suffer when I know it isn’t necessary. My dislike or even ethical beliefs regarding engagement in drama is not more important than saving a person’s life.

So I appeal to the very small group of scammers who spread fear and cause death to please change tactics. Get your unmet attention needs met some other way. Cooking up sensational stories about medicine that cures is deadly, and we’re onto you.