Be empty of worrying. Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? ~ Rumi

According to Buddha, we are what we think. All that we are, arises from our thoughts and the world is made by our thoughts. I believe this. Every day, every moment, I have a choice. I can  focus on the fact that I have a disease that is hurting me, growing in my liver, and displacing healthy liver cells. Or I can see past this fragment of truth and look at the bigger picture.

For me, that bigger truth is that hepatitis C gives me hope, health, and inspiration. Hepatitis C connects me with others who have this disease; we share this planet and a passion to change the future. Hepatitis C opened a door to a completely new world, filled with amazing people and opportunities. Even at my lowest, I am grateful for all that hepatitis C given me, and although I would love to get rid of this virus, I appreciate the gifts that came because of it.

What do you think? What do your thoughts say about you? What kind of world have your thoughts created?